First and foremost, the story of Champagne Mont-Hauban is a human story. At the end of WWII, vine growers from two neighbouring villages decided to come together to protect their work. To this end, they created the Cooperative of Monthelon-Morangis in 1947. These men were truly passionate about their project and decided to strengthen their organisation by sharing expertise and starting to produce champagne under a single brand name: Champagne Mont-Hauban. The Cooperative – located in the heart of Champagne, on the hillsides south of Épernay – remains independent to this day and is now managed by the heirs of its founding members.

Champagne Mont-Hauban House owes its name to the plot of vines which was uprooted at the time to make space for the Cooperative building. 

Equally, it is the name of the road linking the villages of Monthelon and Morangis. The doubled ‘M’ letter in our logo represents how we unified these two villages in 1947.

Our vineyard extends across 70 ha, and its topography makes it special – it is located on a single hillside facing south-east. The three main grape varieties of the Champagne region grow here:

• The Chardonnays and Meuniers (grown in equal proportions) by far account for the majority of our plants
 • Pinot Noir is less widespread and makes up just 10% of our grape supplies.

The winemaking, ageing, and marketing part of our champagne business all takes place at our premises in Monthelon.

When harvest times rolls around, the grapes are pressed in one of our four presses.

The traditional skills and techniques of the Champagne region dictate that human intervention should be kept to a minimum during the winemaking process. After the alcoholic fermentation stage, our wines undergo malolactic fermentation in temperature-controlled stainless steel tanks. Following that, our wines are left to age for a few months. The next step will be assemblage, or blending.

Now it is time for our Cellar Master to shine! He skilfully blends our wines to bring out the best in them – that is and always has been the spirit of Mont-Hauban. The resulting product always offers a subtle balance. It is bottled in March each year and preserved in our cool cellars for several years after that. This ageing process allows the wine to develop more complex aromas. Then come the riddling, disgorging, and labelling processes.

 Once ready, the bottles age for a few more months in our cellars before they are ready to be sold. This is the best time to taste our wines – it is the culmination of the entire process and gives you the opportunity to experience all the style of Mont-Hauban in a glass.


60% Chardonnay
40% Meunier

This champagne is crisp, subtle and light with aromas of citrus, lime and tea leaves. The perfect accompaniment for your cocktail party or aperitif

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Extra Brut

90% Meunier
10% Chardonnay

A low-dosage, lively, and fruity champagne. This delicious Extra Brut displays subtle citrus notes of lime and grapefruit which are guaranteed to invigorate your taste buds.

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89% Blanc de Blancs 
11% Red Wine

The delicacy and meaty of Meuniers, the freshness of Chardonnay, the intensity of Pinot noir and the character of the evolution and vinosity from red wine.

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100% Chardonnay

The purity of the Chardonnay is clear in notes of white flowers, white peach, and pear in syrup. This is a fine Blanc de Blancs and its delicacy will undoubtedly seduce the taster.

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Blanc de Noirs

60% Pinot Noir
40% Meunier

Powerful and structured Champagne with aromas of ripe black fruits, enhanced by honeyed and spicy notes. Perfect to sublimate all occasions with roundness and richness

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Vintage 2012

The aromatic bouquet of the 2012 vintage is gradually discovered. At first candied and greedy notes before giving way to the expression of the fruit.

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This traditional aperitif from Champagne is made from grape juice blended with Fine de Champagne (brandy). This is a stunningly elegant bottle with a glass cap presented in an individual case. The perfect drink to enjoy for a gentle and delectable experience.

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